Become a monster earner playing covers?

Yes you can! A radical, in-depth look at performing in a covers band which provides you with a step by step guide on how to transform your band into a lucrative business.

  • Do you play in a covers, function or tribute band? Would you like to be making enough money for it to be worth your while? Would you like to be getting more gigs? Are you performing in pubs and clubs but would rather play at more prestigious venues and events?

  • Are you tired of working for peanuts? Are you frustrated that bands with less talent and experience are busier and better paid than you?

  • Would you like to be able to see a time when you can give up the day job and concentrate on what you really love doing - playing in the band?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then Showbizguru is for you.

There are thousands of bands performing at events all over the UK. Showbizguru will show you how to stand out in this crowded marketplace and how to DOMINATE the competition - filling your diary with good quality, well paid gigs.

The Showbizguru Guide shows you how to avoid the mistakes most of your competitors are making and how to be the first choice of entertainment bookers.

If you're new to gigging, save years of trial and error and learn from the mistakes of others who've been in the business for decades (and made the very mistakes we tell you how to avoid).

If you're an experienced performer, learn how to transform your band in to a profitable enterprise that could see you able to give up the day job and become the owner of a successful business doing what you love to do.

Learn the harsh truth on how to really earn like a star - the answer to this one may shock you!

Discover the stark reality of working with Agents and find out the big secret to dealing with them that most of them don't know.

Discover the most profitable market to be in when it comes to performing with your band. A market that actually performs better in a recession!

Now, an insight in to the world of show-business from someone with vast experience of the industry - a successful musician and the Managing Director of one of the UK's busiest entertainment agencies - learn how you can radically improve the fortunes of your band and turn your act in to a money making machine.

Have you ever wondered what it is you have to do to get better paid gigs in decent venues? 

Does the only answer seem to be to lower your prices? 

Showbizguru reveals secrets and tips that will mean you can avoid knee jerk, panic reactions, especially if you're finding the credit crunch is impacting your earnings.  You'll learn little known and closely guarded principles of cash and gig generation - advice which if applied will see a dramatic improvement in your financial situation.

"I recently downloaded Del Cotton’s Showbizguru Guide and as a professional business adviser and entertainer I was pleased to read an astonishingly balanced view of an agent/entertainers relationship.

Honest and witty, the Showbizguru guide is clearly written by someone who is knowledgeable of both sides of the business. Entertainers beware! This guide will have you
re-evaluating  your approach on how you run your band and gives great hints and tips on establishing best working partnerships with both your agent and clients.

As a business adviser, I deliver advice on starting, running and sustaining businesses every day. The Showbizguru Guide sets a very high standard and clearly defines business rules that, if adhered to, will definitely maximize your income… here’s to getting more from my own entertainment business."

Alan Laing
Professional Business Adviser and Entertainer (The Soul Kings)

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Who is behind Showbizguru?

Showbizguru is based on more than twenty five years experience of successful musician and highly regarded entertainment agent, Del Cotton. Twenty five years of ups and downs, victories and defeats, laughs and let downs, dodgy gigs, dodgy venues and dodgy agents.

"As a musician playing in a covers band, I was one of the highest paid unsigned acts in the country. 

My band became so busy that we could no longer offer any available dates to clients wishing to book us.  As a result I started my agency business in a corner of my dining room, turning those enquiries we couldn't handle in to a profitable business. I continued to run both band and business until the agency became so busy that I'm now semi-retired from performing. (Much to the relief of music lovers everywhere.)

Now, ten years later, I'm the Managing Director of one of the largest and most successful agencies in the country. Showbizguru can help you achieve a level of success most musicians can only dream of while at the same time avoiding the many mistakes most acts, including me, made on the way."

The secret of my success? I was never by any means the most talented musician on the circuit, far from it. However I built the band into one of the busiest in the country through the application of the strategies contained within the Showbiz Guru Guide. We out-gigged and out-earned far better musicians than us. Now that same information is available to you."

Download Showbizguru's insider secrets now!

No Risk Guarantee

I sincerely believe that by adopting even half of the ideas and tips contained within Showbizguru you'll be operating at a massive advantage over more than 90% of your competitors.

In fact I'll make you this promise. If you purchase The Showbizguru Guide, implement just a few of the strategies contained within but don't feel you've benefited in any way, I'll give you your money back in full, no questions asked.

This guarantee is good for 6 months from the date of download, so you'll have tons of time to try out some or, if you're wise, all of the suggestions contained within the guide and plenty of time to see the results.

There really is no risk involved or any reason not to give yourself the best chance of boosting your earnings. Whether you want to

  • Earn more per gig

  • Play in better venues

  • Play more often

  • Give up the day job

  • Build a real business

  • De-stress your showbiz life and avoid knee jerk reactions to changes in the economy 

then Showbizguru is for you.

I'm contacted on a daily basis by artistes asking my advice, from acts just starting out or from established bands looking for tips on how to improve their level of bookings. As the Managing Director of an extremely busy agency it has become increasingly difficult to find the time to provide these essential pointers.

Showbizguru solves the problem by collecting all the tips, hints and industry secrets in one document which you can download and use instantly.

Showbizguru is part of the Hireaband Group but it's not designed to sign new bands to our roster, although I expect I'll "discover" some cracking bands out there. After all, one of the points of Showbizguru is to have agents and entertainment buyers keen to work with you rather than you chasing them.

"Northern Star has been working with Del Cotton - the guy behind Showbizguru, for many years. In this time we've built a very successful business in no small part due to the input from Del and his team. Del is a straight talker and it's a wise band who listens to his advice. Showbizguru will show you some great shortcuts and how to avoid the mistakes many new and established bands make, you'll find it incredibly useful and a really worthwhile read."
Ben Stones - Northern Star.

Download Showbizguru's insider secrets now!

What Do I Get For My Money?

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in the full Guide;

The Guide contains 35 A4 sized pages – almost 12 ½ thousand words over four main sections.

Chapter 1 – All You Need Is Talent? 
The opening chapter outlines who will benefit from Showbizguru and discusses in depth the one fundamental change the vast majority of working bands need to make.  This one change will transform your band and is the building block for everything else contained within the guide.

Chapter 2 – Better Gigs & How to Get Them.
This chapter discusses Entertainment Agents – Do you need one? How do you spot a good one?  Plus promo material – what works, what doesn’t.
Also an in depth look at how agents work – the one thing many agents don’t know and that you MUST know to get the best from them.  An agents obligation to you and yours to them.  The difference between commission and nett deals and how this difference can dramatically affect you – all from an actual agent.

Chapter 3 – How to get gigs and get rich playing them.
A look at the most effective way to structure your band for maximum profit – some of this is SHOCKING!
Serious gig generation strategies and how to decide what fee you should be charging.
Advertising do’s and dont’s – the money you could save here is worth many times the cost of the Guide.

Chapter 4 – The No.1 recession proof market you should definitely be in.
Identifies which market you NEED to be in and also discusses image, especially in light of the market you MUST consider.
Throughout the Guide you’ll read true stories and examples of effective (and some disastrous) decisions that have affected musicians just like you, either for the best or with disastrous results.

This Guide has been described as the Showbiz Bible and the advice contained within has already helped transform the financial performance of many bands just like yours.
You need to get this guide before your competition does - the information and strategies are so powerful that in our opinion it will be difficult to compete with any band or act who use the guide diligently.

While most of the musicians you know are happy to trundle along, scoring the odd gig here and there and moaning about "the economy" or karaoke graduates picking up all the bookings, you can be doing something they'd never dream of - working on your band, not just in your band.

IMPORTANT: After payment, please click the 'Download Guide' link in PayPal download your guide.


IMPORTANT: After payment, please click the 'Download Guide' link in Paypal download your guide.

If you don't have a PayPal account and can't be bothered signing up for one, feel free to call the office on 0845 226 0494 - you can pay by card over the phone and we'll email your copy of the guide immediately.  Office hours are Monday to Friday 10am - 5pm.

Terms of Use

By downloading your personal copy of The Showbizguru Guide and any related products you agree not to disseminate the information contained therein in any form either in part or in full.  All Showbizguru products and publications are copyright Del Cotton/Showbizguru – any infringements will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. No part of these products, publications or guides may be reproduced in any format without express written permission from the author.

What's been said...

"The guide has really given me an insight into the business. The first thing that came to mind after reading this was, Right, I've just been handed the Bible!"

Chris Blair. Boogie Down Band.

"Showbizguru provides no-nonsense advice on building your career and credibility in the entertainment business. The guide is packed with superb practical ideas based on real life events and years of experience in the industry. Thank you Showbizguru!"

Allan Miller, Artistic Licence Band & Company Director

"Showbizguru will show you some great shortcuts and how to avoid the mistakes many new and established bands make, you'll find it incredibly useful and a really worthwhile read!"

Ben Stones, Northern Star Band & Recording Studio Owner

The definitive and easy to follow guide which will put any able group of musicians on a path to making money as they make music.
Effective and easy to implement changes, very well and humorously explained. A must for anyone who wants their Business in tune with their Music.
                                                           David Dowell - Dignan, Dowell & White and owner of

Hi Del, I bought your book yesterday, a breath of fresh air.
Simon Davies